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Planets, Numerology, Nameology for Success in Career and Business: Planets, Numerology, Nameology for Success in Care...

Planets, Numerology, Nameology for Success in Career and Business: Planets, Numerology, Nameology for Success in Care...: At any age we are bewildered about the idea of selecting a business or profession that will give us desired success. Or we even question o...

Planets, Numerology, Nameology for Success in Career and Business

At any age we are bewildered about the idea of selecting a business or profession that will give us desired success. Or we even question ourselves, if we are in the right kind of profession? The secret of the type of profession, trade and Business is locked in your name and in the lucky numbers, as per the date of birth. The lucky number for the firm, company, shop etc., should be the owner’s or the employee’s lucky number or at least a favorable number. If so, the business will run smoothly. We see that the crowd is always only in a few select shops who make huge sales and profits while there are numerous shops in any market. Have you pondered what is the reason? It is simply that the “name-number” matching of that shop has the power to attract people.
Similarly, daily use products like soaps, detergents, toothpastes, powders, creams etc., are sold under different trademarks. But the sales of a select product is always spiraling with a particular trademark. It is not that the products with other trademarks are poor in quality, whereas more often than not, they are manufactured by the same company but marketed by different companies.  Hence, again, the secret of this success is the “name-number” compatibility of the trademark. For example, with trademark No. 8, if a man sells a product related to No. 6, he will face only losses in business. So each number represents its own product or trade and each person should select a business suitable to his own number. The name of the business or trademarks should be in a suitable “name-number” sequence and be compatible.
Each planet is responsible for certain products, professions, trades and business. We should select our business according to, or compatible with, our own planet, and keep the name of the business and the trademark as per our lucky numbers.
Match Your Numbers To Select Right Profession, Products and Services
Advertising, Publicity, Entertainment Industry, Sponsoring of TV Programmes, Film Industry, Designing and Planning, InfoTech Business, Pawn Broking and Departmental Stores, Jewellery, Electronic and Electrical Goods, Computers, Builder, Building Materials, Import and Export, strology, Numerology, Palmistry etc.
Food Products and Food Industries, Business related to Liquids, cold drinks, Milk, Ice-cream Parlor, Pathological laboratory, Lab Technician, X-Ray machines, Ultra Sound machine, Dialysis Machine, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Agriculture, Timber, Coal, Mines, Acting, Art, Import and Export Trade, Music, Creative Art, Printing and Publishing, Caretaker of any Organization, Administration, General Shop, Lawyer, Doctor, Vegetables, Perfumes and Consultancy services.
Counseling and Consultancy, Advisory Service, Finance Company, Chartered Accountancy, Taxation Consultancy, Banking, Advertising, Music, Singing, Writer, Book Writing, Direction, Poetry, Art, Share, Chit, Coaching Center, Cloth Business, Star Hotel, Bookshop and Running a School, Government Service.
Workshop, Mechanization, Machineries, Photo Films, Photo Studios, Film Studios, Hotel, Tailoring, Photocopy Business, Electric Shop, Vehicles, Transport Service, Automobile, Agriculture, Real Estate, Construction, Building Contracts, InfoTech Business, Stock Exchange Broking, Leather Goods, Rubber Goods, Gas Agency, Petrol Pump, Astrology, Engineering, Designing and TV Business.
Advocate, Law and Solicitor Company, Art, Commercial Art, Antiques, Agencies, Transport and Travel Agency, Employee, Law Practice, Banking, Finance Company, Liaison, Games and Sports Organizing, Mobile Trade, STD, Courier Service, Sponsoring TV Programmes, Advertising, Nursery, Horticulture, Tobacco, Metals, Aluminum, Oil and Engineering.
Property Dealer, Colonizer, City Planner, Liaison, Estate Broker’s, Commission Agency, Entertainment Industry, Fast Food, Hotel, Motel, Catering, Agriculture, Jewellery, Piece Goods Business, Dairy Products, Fancy Artificial Jewellery, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Acting and Media, Toys, Dry Fruits, Bakery Products, Pickles, Marketing of Beauty and Luxury Items, Beauty Parlor, Crèche, Paints, Music School, Library, Salts, Interior Decoration, Flowers and Poultry Products.
Water and Cold Drinks, Dairy Products, Detective Service, Art and Music, Fish, Film, Cinema Trade, X-Rays, Ultra Sound, Dialysis, MRI Scan, Scanning Machines, Rubber, Chemicals Like Soaps, Medicines, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Photo Studio, Cinema and Theatre Trade and Direction, Diamonds and Gems, Art Designing Engineering Business.
Metals, Iron, Brass, Sanitary ware, Hardware, Builder, Building Material, Bricks, Pots, Cement, Furniture and Furnishing, Paints, Photo Lab, Photocopy, Printing Press, Computer Work, DTP, Coal, Agriculture, Diamond Jewellery, Transport, Travel Agency, Shoe Mart, Typewriting Institute, Chemicals, Oil, Petrol Pump, Gas Agency, Screen Printing, Pesticides, Fertilizer, Woolens Business, Stainless Steel and Poultry.
Leadership and Politics, Publishing Company, Printing, Photocopiers, Detective Service, Pharmaceuticals, Medicine Business, Marketing, Sports Events, Sports Goods, Electronic Goods, Computer and laptop Business, Metals, Iron and Steel, Plywood, Hardware, Contract Work, Food Products, Restaurants, Food Joints, Luxury Items, Media and Entertainment Business, School and Educational Institutions, Chemical Items, Gas Agency, Vessel Shop, Diamonds and Gems etc.

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